OOO “Aventro” is offering flexitanks under brand name IBL (INFINITY BULK LOGISTICS) on the Ukrainian market. Hereinafter, all the goods we offer will be referred to as INFINITY.

“Moldcontainer Co” S.R.L. acts as our partner on the territory of Republic of Moldova.

To contact “Moldcontainer Co” S.R.L. please follow the link: www.mc.md

What is a flexitank?

Flexitank is a reservoir that is made of polymers and used for transportation of non-hazardous liquid cargo. Most commonly flexitanks are transported in 20 ft shipping containers and can be delivered by different modes of transport.

INFINITY BULK LOGISTICS offers innovative and cost-effective solutions in logistics and supply chain management. Being a manufacturer of flexitanks and related products gives INFINITY BULK LOGISTICS a massive advantage of being able to customise products according to the specific needs of the client in order to achieve optimal solutions.

IBL Flexitank line

We offer four (4) types of flexitanks. The composition of these flexitanks varies between two (2) to five (5) layers of polyethylene sewn into a woven polypropylene outer.

IBL mission is to become a top logistics provider who offers first-class liquid logistics services. IBL works hard in order to implement this vision mission in real life.

The mission of OOO “Aventro” is to provide safe liquid bulk packaging products of highest quality to our clients and customers. These products will allow our clients to reduce not only costs associated with transportation and storage but also costs related to cleaning of empty tanks and their returns.

Our services:

We offer full customer support at any stage of the order. Any potential customer can enquire a technical consultation session with our professional team who will provide all necessary information in regard to our products that will help to choose, possibly customise, suitable products according to the unique needs.

If you require Emergency Response Services on the territory of Ukraine please, call our emergency telephone number. Available 24/7.

  • Consultation on operating flexitank systems
  • Training on flexitank installation, loading, transport and unloading of flexitanks with a subsequent onsite certificate issuance for personnel

We value your competence!

For those who contact us for the first time we offer free information advice and support programme on flexitank installation on your territory.

Call our technical specialists to visit and install flexitanks. Available on all territory of Ukraine.