About manufacturing process, certificates and guarantees of INFINITY flexitanks, insurance and quality assurance

INIFINITY BULK LOGISTICS is one of the world leaders in flexitank manufacturing. Every fifth produced flexitank in the world is of brand INFINITY which is able to meet any customer requirement.

INFINITY BULK LOGISTICS has the ability to produce up to 100,000 of flexitanks per year.

The proposed requirements of INFINITY BULK LOGISTICS to its own products include permanent quality control monitoring, mandatory testing in a specific controlled environment with use of modern testing facilities and equipment that includes ultrasonic leak detector.

INFINITY BULK LOGISTICS is a certified flexitank manufacturer that complies with the requirements of supervisory authorities in terms of health and safety manufacturing of flexitanks. Other certifications ensure that IBL provides safe food grade flexitanks to all customers and is committed to offer excellent service.

INFINITY BULK LOGISTICS is an associate member of Container Owners Association (COA) who passed four (4) audits by COA and was the first flexitank manufacturer globally to be awarded a Certificate of Compliance.

INFINITY flexitanks also received product endorsements and passed rail impact tests by Association of American Railroads as well as by European Union Agency for Railways.

Kosher Certification is another certificate of multiple achievements of INFINITY BULK LOGISTICS. The importance of holding such certificate is undeniable as it helps IBL to serve its customers in Kosher market too.

Another certificate hold by INFINITY BULK LOGISTICS that should be noted is a certification for Quality Management System Standards of ISO 9001: 2008. It validates that the products are of highest quality and that company practices continual service improvement that gives a profound value for the clients as well as proves its performance excellence in the market.

All products of INIFINITY BULK LOGISTICS have a mastercover insurance that includes product and public liability insurance and offers coverage up to 10 million of USD dollars from one single underwriter. To be specific:

  • product liability covers the cost of compensation claims in case of physical injury and property damage suffered by claimant as a result of manufacturing or installation faults;
  • public liability covers the cost of compensation claims for the expenses spent on judicial proceedings as well as on third party litigation that arised in regard to manufacturing or installation faults.

INFINITY BULK LOGISTICS has adopted green logistics and environmental preservation practices at the core of its business model. IBL commits to using proactive behaviour and takes constant actions to reduce its carbon footprint.

IBL ensures that during responsible manufacturing of liquid bulk packaging products such as flexitanks:

  • the environment does not get contaminated;
  • as well as the products (flexitanks) are 100% recyclable.

OOO “Aventro” fully supports the initiative of INFINITY BULK LOGISTICS to integrate environmental policies mechanisms in the economic, energy and rural sectors. We are willing to comply to the highest standards as well as to undertake corporate activities with environmental values in our mind.

Our services:

We offer full customer support at any stage of the order. Any potential customer can enquire a technical consultation session with our professional team who will provide all necessary information in regard to our products that will help to choose, possibly customise, suitable products according to the unique needs.

If you require Emergency Response Services on the territory of Ukraine please, call our emergency telephone number. Available 24/7.

  • Consultation on operating flexitank systems
  • Training on flexitank installation, loading, transport and unloading of flexitanks with a subsequent onsite certificate issuance for personnel

We value your competence!

For those who contact us for the first time we offer free information advice and support programme on flexitank installation on your territory.

Call our technical specialists to visit and install flexitanks. Available on all territory of Ukraine.