INFINITY BULK LOGISTICS has the ability to produce up to 100,000 of flexitanks
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Flexitank is a reservoir that is made of polymers and used for transportation...
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We offer four (4) types of flexitanks. The composition of these flexitanks varies
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The proposed
About product
INIFINITY BULK LOGISTICS is one of the world leaders in flexitank manufacturing. Every fifth produced flexitank in the world is of brand INFINITY which is able to meet any customer requirement. Flexitank 24000 litres and 20ft container.
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Product advantages
- Easy to install and dispose
- Lightweight structure
- Made out of food-grade polymeric material
- Specifically designed for transporting bulk liquid goods
- Cost-effective in comparison to tank containers, IBCs, and drums. For instance, cost difference between flexitanks and IBCs accounts to 30-40%.
- Carry more payload in comparison to IBCs, drums, and bottles
- No risk of contamination and no cleaning cost as flexitank is a single-use product
- Eco-friendly as flexitanks are 100% recyclable and are considered to be safer for environment in comparison to other liquid bulk packaging products
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About company
We offer four (4)
types of flexitanks
OOO “Aventro” is offering flexitanks under brand name IBL (INFINITY BULK LOGISTICS) on the Ukrainian market. Hereinafter, all the goods we offer will be referred to as INFINITY. Flexitanks wine in Ukraine